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1. Unethical and potentially illegal practices like illegal evictions, harassment, and assault of tenants.


Review 1: Rooms were nearly a month late to be ready for moving in, insulation doesn't exist, furniture is falling apart, the walls are intrinsically rotten. Back gate consisted of a couple of planks barely held together by a couple of old rusty nails till we fixed it ourselves at personal cost.
Could do better. Should do better.
Edit: Now we have moved out and left the house clean and in better condition than when we moved in, we are still waiting 3 months later for our deposits. These guys are crooks.

Review 2: Not even 1 star. Bunch of cowboys! Allow drugs and antisocial behaviour to take place and tell residents to sort it themselves via police. Do nothing to evict problem tenants. Left 3 months early even though paid full amount and was threatened by staff if we didn't pay! Reported to ombudsman! Stay away as all they want is your money.

Review 3: They treat students like absolute dirt and try to avoid fixing or paying for any faulty items. Rudest and most inconsiderate staff I have ever come across. Would warn all students NOT to rent with 2Let2



2. Intimidation tactics such as threatening tenants with "sending the boys around" if they make complaints.


Review 4: I put up deposit for a student relative (along with other parents – it was a shared student house). 
Much had been promised about the house they were due to move into. It turned out to be dirty and very poorly maintained. Showers and other important facilities either did not work properly. I had serious concerns about fire safety. The ground floor rooms were plagued with damp. 
Considerable efforts were made to get the agents improve matters but very little was done. Clearly the landlord was not prepared to invest in improving matters and the agents, being beholden to him for their fees were not prepared to do what was required of them. The student market in Cardiff is a captured market and agents and landlords know this only too well.
To add insult to injury, deposit was withheld – some for 'bent bed frames' – a very good little earner for landlords – who after all would think to check or photograph their metal bed bases when they move in? Avoid at all cost.

Review 5: Based on both my experience and opinion, 2Let2 leaves much to be desired in respect to the management of their properties and the way in which they (2Let2) look after their customers. It would seem that the focus is very much on the owner of the property rather than the person or people actually renting the property and ultimately paying the salaries of the agency. A recent example of customer feedback was subject to what can only be described as intimidation tactics where the agency threatened legal action based on " Defamation of character". So much for embracing customer feedback and the desire for continual improvement. This especially so when defamation law will only be taken into considerations when statements can be proven to be untrue. Unfortunately not the case. Based on my opinion I certainly would not recommend this agency to students looking for accommodation.

Review 6: Absolutly abysmal letting agency! 2 let 2 really do personify poor customer service. The staff are friendly and helpful until you sign your tenancy agreement and then change completely;becoming pedantic, apathetic and rude. Check your tenancy agreements carefully as they omitted things we agreed to have put on there. They take quite a long time to get problems sorted, they rarely act as middle men but rather side with the landlord on every possible occasion and don't even dream of getting your full deposit back as no matter how well you clean your property they will find a bit of dust here or there that will cost well over £50. If you are a second year looking at your first student house, avoid 2l2 at all costs!


3. Refusing to release tenants from contracts and forcing them to pay full utility bills for empty properties.


Review 7: Currently living in 2LET2 property. I have to say that they are appalling as representatives of student accommodation and DEFINITELY do not care about you once the contract has been signed. I agree with previous posts that some of the staff could be deemed rather aggressive and say they will sort things and nothing gets done. I have rented some pretty crappy places in the past but I have NEVER experienced such a lack of concern from the letting agent. We have asked for appliances that are missing from the property (that should be provided under the contract) and each time we ring we are told that the landlord has been "made aware" of the situation. AVOID THIS ESTATE AGENCY, SAVE YOUR MONEY, GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!

Review 8: I would definitely NOT recommend 2let2. My son is sharing a house with 5 other boys which is very poor. My sons room is damp and has even had slugs in the room. 2let2 insist it has had a proper damp proof course but there is no sign of any injection from the outside. The wall inside the room has been coated with a sealant but it has not worked and the damp is very bad. My sons room smells and his clothes feel damp. The fridge is leaking water around the electrical wire, the bathroom light constantly flashes. the Council have visited and said by law they should have either 2 sinks or 1 sink and a dishwasher to accommodate 6 people in the house. Surprise surprise the dishwasher has not arrived. 2let2 will not deal with parents only the lead tenant. Which is no surprise as they know young students who are very busy will not keep pestering them to rectify these faults. Go with somebody like Martins who are Nationwide and have a much better reputation.

Review 9: I had a terrible experience with 2let2 this year. Upon moving in, the house was filthy and there were numerous essential things that were broken to the extent they were unusable. 2let2 took weeks to get any of these things fixed, despite us going into the office regularly to ask them about it. Throughout the year we had to make do with this damp, mouldy, broken house. Upon leaving, the house was made relatively spotless, but they have withheld most of our deposits, mostly for things that were in a state of disrepair when we moved in, and painting for the patches of mould that grew over all the walls (despite us regularly cleaning it off with bleach). I urge anyone with them this year to photograph everything wrong with the house when you move in, not forgetting the bases of the beds, which are apparently all bent (as though we weren't supposed to sleep on them every night or something!?). This is all not mentioning the lack of any kind of customer service and respect for their tenants.



4. Making false claims about property conditions to unfairly deduct from tenant deposits.


Review 10: Absolutely awful, would not recommend. Late replying to every email or phone call. Maintenance problems with the house from the first day were not resolved. Realised we had been overcharged for everything after speaking to another local agency. And no possibility for receiving our deposit after spending the last day cleaning every corner of the house. 
Would recommend any other estate agency, 2let2 were disgraceful.

Review 11: The worst agency! I had problems with them from day one: they would not give me my key to the house because of some missing signatures/documents despite assuring me everything was ready for me to move in a week earlier over emails. The house was very dirty and the cleaning service they sent (a few weeks after my complaint) was rude and did not do a good job at all. Throughout the year, my housemates and I had recurring problems with mold, heating, showers, microwaves, etc. The staff seemed friendly at first but turned out unhelpful. Overall, I had an awful experience.

Review 12: Awful staff - staff member rolled his eyes at me when I asked him to contact the landlord to sort out a damp/mold problem in the house…the same problem had been there for years with each new house of students having to deal with it rather than anyone bothering to do their jobs and fix a problem. I was also told that I had to give 7 days notice if I wanted to move into the house over the summer (had this in writing via email) - I gave them 20 days notice and was subsequently told that I had my information incorrect and that I couldn't move in (though I found out it was basically because it was an inconvenience to plans they had put in place). Bottom line: they want the money without any of the work. Cowboys with no class about their business. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.


5. Lack of professionalism, such as canceling viewings with very short notice.


Review 13: These guys are the worst, typical buy to let specialist letting agents. Incompetent, profit driven and not at all helpful.

Review 14: Worst letting agency imaginable. Would not advise this agency to anybody! As a student, they done absolutely nothing to help out over the year even though we had a lot of issues with it. The house had looked like a warzone when we first moved in; they had done nothing to clean up after the previous tenants. And when it comes to claiming back your deposit at the end of the year, well, lets just say you have more chance at swimming to Mars.. They are pathetic.

Review 15: Absolutely horrendous letting agency! They very rarely fixed anything we asked them to, were rude and sometimes aggressive towards us and completely screwed us over with the bond process. They charged us £450 for a 'broken tv' that was fully working, apart from a slightly temperamental remote. They also charged us for cleaning and painting of rooms that were immaculate, it appeared they had no concept of fair wear and tear to an 8 person house. The landlord let himself into the property on a number of occasions which was pretty intimidating. There are so many letting agencies in Cardiff, avoid this one at all costs.



6. Poor property maintenance and disregard for tenant wellbeing.


Review 16: Terrible letting agents. Avoid at all costs. Similar experience to all the others here. Had damp in the house, they said it had been fixed but found out they were just fobbing us off. Had to get hold of landlord directly to fix and get damp proofing. 
We left house cleaner than when we arrived in it & they still tried to hold our bonds back and even tried to charge me for a whole carpet for one of the rooms I was in because it was sun bleached... Cowboys!

Review 17: Be very careful before you sign anything with them. I had to point out three times to this estate 'agent' that the details are wrong. Bond was set to £100 over agreed deal, length of contact was somehow extended by 6 months(?) and moving in date was 15 days later than agreed date. 
Another ridiculous problem that I had to face was when I decided to move out. My contract expired so I gave them 4 weeks notice and agreed that I can move out on the 1st of May (instead of 30th) because I couldn't move in to my new flat until that date. I've been told I have to see my landlord about that if he's ok with it. He was a nice guy so no problem. 
4 days before moving out I called 2let2 to ask about flat inspection only to find out that I have to be gone by 30th because new tenants are moving in on that day.I asked what am I supposed to do for 1 night only to be put on hold three times. 
At this point I had enough of this agency and I managed to move out on the 30th. Few days later I found out that there was no one moving in so they lied just to get rid of me. Flat was still on market for days.

Review 18: Want to wave goodbye to your deposit with no feedback on why it's been witheld and get all your requests for your deposit to be returned ignored ? Yes ? then 2let2 is the place to go.


7. Exploiting tenants, especially students, through questionable business practices aimed at maximizing profits.


Review 19: Im only giving this 1 star because i have to, when we viewed the property the agent had no idea where it was abd on top of that she forgot the keys, my flat is riddled with damp, which took them 3 weeks to respond to, only when i threatened to stop rent, it has been sorted, however the source of the damp hasnt been fixed, this means the next tenants will face the same problem next year, i wonder whether the landlords know how their property is being treared, avoid these money grabbers at all costs

Review 20: AVOID! Rude unhelpful terrible letting agents. don't not resolve issue, unco-operating, notice how all the positive reviews are the same and done by them also not by actual customers

Review 21: Terrible. They are very friendly in the beginning while trying to convince you to sign a lease agreement. Once you move in, you will realize they have no intention of fixing anything that was already broken in the house before you moved in.

2let2 reviews

While 2Let2's own website portrays them as a reputable letting agency, the overwhelming consensus from tenant reviews and comments is that this agency mistreats renters, fails to uphold ethical standards, and engages in practices that violate tenant rights and trust.

The numerous negative experiences shared online suggest avoiding 2Let2 Cardiff due to their unacceptable conduct towards tenants.