2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents on the website 2let2cardiff.com was setup to reflects the real services offered by the 2Let2.com letting agency based in 97 Wyeverne Road, Cathays, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF24 4BG.

This website was created by the Cardiff community who engaged in commercial activities with the named agency and is made to help address the need of the public to know of the services and the conduct the agency offers / engages with its customers. The general conclusion of the people involved is

"2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents - stay away from 2 LET 2 LTD or 2let2.com"


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The company was registered in 2004, 9th December by the Munir brothers Mohammad Wasif and Mohammad Kashif, with help of a Nominee Director and Secretary, nominees who left the company board shortly after its opening.

Although Mohammad Kashif resigned on 9 December 2008 from the company, the two brothers with the help of the 3rd one opened another company together: MUNIR BROTHERS LIMITED. Now a few other important things to observe.


According to HM Revenue Customs (HMRC), the company manages for a number of years to cap its earnings to little under £80,000; sufficiently to help it not paying VAT.


However, many of its clients have not received receipts from the company, meaning that they could not be issuing receipts in an attempt to scam the tax registry and not pay its due tax.


As the money received from its tenants is more important than the quality of services it offered to the same tenants, the agency received many times many complaints against some of its tenants, but decided to always ignore them, as kicking someone for harassing another one in a shared house, would mean you are no longer receiving payments from the harasser.


According to witnesses, a number of criminal damage of house mates were reported to the agency, but they decided to ignore them; again probably - on the basis that disciplinary actions against a fellow customer would reduce the income the company gets. Why care for the quality of service offered to the other tenants?


And, as previously explained, assault complaints received by the agency were ignored as they decided money is more important than customer satisfaction.

2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents


And as their Google Business recently seems to have received a number of positive feedback from questionable accounts, and as this is questioned by many other users, let`s give you the summary of what real customers endured for being part of their customers.

Ashley, on their Google Business is spotting that 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents has posted fake reviews about themselves. She then goes further to warn us to AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Her message then continues to explain how correspondence was non EXISTENT. Her comment reads "

I don't have the foggiest idea how frequently I sent messages to simply have no reaction. I needed to go into the office on a few events to attempt and resolve issues and was endeavored to be made a trick of each time by their staff, fundamentally Imogen, as they addressed me about whether I had messaged them. Their answer? We have a group taking a shot at it. Needed to essentially hook our store back 4 months after it should be returned. Would not leave on what I believe was the third endeavor until they reached the proprietor who was advantageously not in the nation each time I attempted to get in contact. Did not fix any of the issues like clammy which brought about a gap in the divider. There was a subterranean insect pervasion toward the start of the year and we were advised to sort it ourselves despite the fact that we had just barely moved in. We were charged for not defrosting the cooler?! Which is considerably all the more a joke thinking of it as was so loaded with ice when we arrived that the entryway would not close and we needed to defrost it in the back nursery. Not every one of the radiators worked, and those that did couldn't be controlled exclusively. The windows whistled and were inadequately introduced with huge holes making every one of the rooms drafty. The FIRE ALARMS did not work and after we mentioned new ones they let us know not to attempt and test them as they were just activated by warmth (this was demonstrated to be false). There was a gap in the restroom floor and the shower would dependably spill. The overlay deck was ineffectively introduced and supports of wood uncovered huge holes. An excessive number of issues yet still no worry appeared by the office."

Marianna recently criticised 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents too for the lack of professionalism as they do cancel viewing with just about 15 minutes of heads up notice and they take forever to answer messages sent through emails.

Zak from abroad also criticises 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents and the fact that he was made to pay for a service - a 90 GBP fee - a service he never received.

Lorena, a Google Local Guide also condemns 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents for the on the off chance that you need everything in your home to be broken and remain broken for quite a long time then this is the office for you. They likewise leave individuals without a bed when they're rooms overwhelmed in spite of having 3 extra rooms in the house.

Adam is also encouraging his friends to stay away from 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents as he booked a review for a Saturday (2/12/17) to see two properties.

Not exclusively was my gathering compelled to go on a survey with another gathering without earlier cautioning, not exclusively was my gathering headed to properties we asked not to see, not exclusively did the 'home operator' not know the costs of any properties he took us to, yet just to finish everything off, he couldn't work the keys in the entryway of one of the TWO properties we has requested to see. I discover this completely over the top, considering I had rang preceding this explicitly to see two properties, just one of which I was really ready to see. I don't have a favorable opinion of a request the individual appearing around to know the lease of the properties he's appearing. This is strange, and I will unquestionably be advising my companions to avoid 2let2.

Jayne I would NOT prescribe 2let2. My child is imparting a house to 5 different young men which is poor. My children room is soggy and has even had slugs in the room. 2let2 demand it has had a legitimate clammy confirmation course yet there is no indication of any infusion all things considered. The divider inside the room has been covered with a sealant yet it has not worked and the clammy is extremely terrible. My children room scents and his garments feel soggy. The ice chest is spilling water around the electrical wire, the restroom light continually flashes. the Council have visited and said by law they ought to have either 2 sinks or 1 sink and a dishwasher to oblige 6 individuals in the house. Amazement shock the dishwasher has not arrived. 2let2 won't manage guardians just the lead occupant. Which is nothing unexpected as they probably am aware youthful understudies who are extremely bustling won't continue bothering them to correct these deficiencies. Go with someone like Martins who are Nationwide and have a vastly improved notoriety.

Simon, another Google Local Guide certifies the nuisance of 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents I set up store for an understudy relative (alongside different guardians – it was a mutual understudy house). Much had been guaranteed about the house they were because of move into. It ended up being grimy and in all respects ineffectively kept up. Showers and other significant offices either did not work appropriately. I had genuine worries about flame security. The ground floor rooms were tormented with moist. Impressive endeavors were made to get the operators improve matters however almost no was finished. Plainly the proprietor was not set up to put resources into improving issues and the operators, being under obligation to him for their charges were not set up to do what was expected of them. The understudy showcase in Cardiff is a caught market and operators and landowners know this very well indeed. To make an already difficult situation even worse, store was retained – some for 'bowed bed casings' – a generally excellent little worker for landowners – who after all would think to check or photo their metal bed bases when they move in? Dodge at all expense.

Ka warns us to take our money elsewhere from 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents as Right now living in 2LET2 property. I need to state that they are shocking as delegates of understudy settlement and DEFINITELY couldn't care less about you once the agreement has been agreed upon. I concur with past posts that a portion of the staff could be esteemed rather forceful and state they will sort things and nothing completes. I have leased some really horrible places previously however I have NEVER experienced such an absence of worry from the letting specialist. We have requested machines that are absent from the property (that ought to be given under the agreement) and each time we ring we are informed that the proprietor has been "made mindful" of the circumstance. Maintain a strategic distance from THIS ESTATE AGENCY, SAVE YOUR MONEY, GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!

JJ states Absolutly wretched letting organization! 2 let 2 truly do embody poor client administration. The staff are well disposed and accommodating until you consent to your occupancy arrangement and afterward change completely;becoming pompous, passionless and discourteous. Check your occupancy understandings cautiously as they discarded things we consented to have put on there. They set aside a significant long effort to get issues arranged, they once in a while go about as center men yet rather side with the landowner on each conceivable event and don't dream of recovering your full store as regardless of how well you clean your property they will discover a touch of residue anywhere that will cost well over £50. On the off chance that you are a second year taking a gander at your first understudy house, maintain a strategic distance from 2l2 no matter what!

S B tells us In view of both my experience and sentiment, 2Let2 fails to impress anyone in regard to the administration of their properties and the manner by which they (2Let2) take care of their clients. No doubt the spotlight is particularly on the proprietor of the property as opposed to the individual or individuals really leasing the property and at last paying the compensations of the office. An ongoing case of client criticism was liable to what must be portrayed as terrorizing strategies where the organization undermined legitimate activity dependent on " Defamation of character". Such a great amount for grasping client input and the craving for ceaseless improvement. This particularly so when maligning law may be taken into contemplations when proclamations can be demonstrated to be false. Sadly not the situation. In view of my sentiment I positively would not prescribe this organization to understudies searching for convenience.

Thea names them as a horrendous agency as she comments Completely unpleasant letting organization! They all around infrequently fixed anything we asked them to, were impolite and now and then forceful towards us and totally screwed us over with the bond procedure. They charged us £450 for a 'broken television' that was completely working, aside from a marginally unstable remote. They likewise charged us for cleaning and painting of rooms that were impeccable, it showed up they had no understanding of reasonable mileage to a 8 man house. The landowner let himself into the property on various events which was truly scary. There are such a large number of giving organizations access Cardiff, stay away from this one no matter what.

Ciara warns us to not give 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents our money and claims staff are awful Dreadful staff - staff part feigned exacerbation at me when I requested that he contact the proprietor to deal with a soggy/shape issue in the house… a similar issue had been there for a considerable length of time with each new place of understudies managing it as opposed to anybody trying to carry out their responsibilities and fix an issue. I was likewise informed that I needed to give 7 days notice on the off chance that I needed to move into the house over the mid year (had this recorded as a hard copy by means of email) - I allowed them 20 days notice and was along these lines informed that I had my data mistaken and that I couldn't move in (however I discovered it was essentially on the grounds that it was a burden to plans they had set up). Primary concern: they need the cash with no of the work. Cowpokes with no class about their business. Try not to GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

Robyn claims he had a bad experience too with 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents I had an awful involvement with 2let2 this year. After moving in, the house was dirty and there were various basic things that were broken to the degree they were unusable. 2let2 took a long time to get any of these things fixed, notwithstanding us going into the workplace consistently to get some information about it. During the time we needed to manage with this clammy, rotten, broken house. After leaving, the house was made generally immaculate, yet they have retained the vast majority of our stores, for the most part for things that were in a condition of deterioration when we moved in, and painting for the patches of shape that became over every one of the dividers (in spite of us normally clearing it off with fade). I encourage anybody with them this year to photo everything amiss with the house when you move in, not overlooking the bases of the beds, which are obviously all twisted (just as we should rest on them consistently or something!?). This is all not referencing the absence of any sort of client administration and regard for their occupants.