2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents

Harassing and Assaulting with South Wales Police Keeping an Eye Closed

Here at 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents we take great pride in our criminal misdemeanour as even if we harass, even if we assault, even if we commit criminal damage, even if we assault or batter you, we can always ask our friends at South Wales Police to issue a PIN (police information notice) against you for complaining to us. 

Illegal Evictions and Tax Evasions with Help from Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

Here at 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents we also have experienced General Manager in the name of MUNIR, Mohammad Wasif who wins - contrary to case law and legal statutes - cases in a very questionable manner at the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. 

Why worry about human rights and EU law if in Cardiff no one seems to respect it?

And as their team seems to add fake comments on the Google Business Page to highlight their activity, just look at a few of the real ones, made from real customers who had bad experiences with them, here`s a few reviews people left on their Facebook Page Review section, before this section was removed:

  1. Really disappointed with the service from 2let2 in the last year of university. First entered the house on move in day with the house not ready for new tenants. Whenever a problem was reported it took several months to get a reply, nothing was done about the serious damp and mould gathering in each of the bedrooms. On one occasion of the washing machine smoking and very nearly catching on fire we were told to "deal with it ourselves".

    Having left the property a month ago and giving it a massive clean (cleaner than it ever was when we moved in) we were left with deductions which we had to argue as they kept no note of the reports we had made throughout the year.

    Also find it very interesting how there was a time limit on paying the initial deposit and fees. Could only imagine the uproar if our rent was ever a day late - yet it's taken almost 2 months for our deposit to come back?

  2. Put me and 4 other lads in an unsafe house and then tried to evict us. No communication (4 months without an email) and the landlord has since been fined by the council for not meeting safety regulations. 2let2 made no attempt to fulfil works needed to be done to the property hence why the council were involved.

    Do not use this company if letting in Cardiff, especially if you're a student. Will try to rip you off and you probably won't get any of your bond back either.

    Will not be using this company ever again.

  3. Don't bother finding student accommodation (or any) with this letting agency. They will hold onto your deposit for weeks and weeks after you've moved out without any sort of reason as to why. We moved out at the end of June and have still not received our deposits or any reasoning as to why we have not received them.

    They were also useless when we actually living there, so good luck if anything bad happens because you'll be sorting it out yourself.

  4. Don't not use this them. They put us in an un safe house with no fire alarms or fire doors and when we complained nothing was done. Very poor communication and only look to rip students off who won't say anything.

  5. Bunch of cowboys! Avoid at all costs! Won't correspond with parents even if they pay rent! They allow antisocial behaviour and drugs to be used in their properties,do nothing to evict problem tenants. Tell residents to sort it out with police! All they care about is the rent payments!

  6. Do not use this letting agency!! There seems to be a bit of a pattern occurring on these reviews. NO DEPOSITS given back and absolutely zero communication from them to explain why there is a delay. Originally they wanted to charge us over £500 for cleaning of the house and things that would normally be classed as wear and tear. When I spoke to citizens advice and threatned legal action they "conducted a second inspection" and knocked about £200 of charges off. This company has been by far the worst to deal with in my 4 years at university. The management team are extremely unproffesional and despite confirming all the charges and accepting them at the end of July it is now September 15th and we are still without our money.

    There are lots of student letting agents in Cardiff so be wise and USE SOMEONE ELSE

    Also take a quick look at the profiles of the 5* ratings they are clearly all fake. They have all just been created to write a review of this shitty letting agent. It really says something when a company has to do something like this.

  7. Terrible Service. After paying £80 agency fees and £375 deposit, we moved into our house on the first of July. Paying full rent, we expected the house to have been cleaned and checked, and missing/broken items removed & fixed. Unfortunately that was not the case. 3 of 7 of us moved in on that particular day, and when picking up the keys we were told that there would be someone coming around at 1pm to go through the house with us, as there are several problems with the house. After waiting until 2, we rang and were told that 'they were too busy today'. We also needed a cleaner as the house was filthy, but I don't believe the cleaner did a single thing, and stated that she could not clean because we are walking around the house; which we are paying for. So 2 members of the house hand to clean the previous tenants mess. Yesterday morning a handyman came, but only to look at what needed doing in the house, but soon left. Today, I rang the company again and asked when the handyman and person to go through broken aspects of the house would come, to which the company replied 'someone will probably pop around today'. Also, on the phone I said the cleaner did not clean but they did not want to hear it. We were also promised parking when we were in the middle of buying the house; however when we moved in the company took back their word and said 'we never said there was parking'. Appalling service, and would not advise any student to use the company despite how helpful they may appear before renting properties with the company, as that is a false sheet.

  8. Still yet to receive deposit after moving out in June. We spent days scrubbing the house head to toe before moving out and yet they still want to deduct £30 because we apparently left a dirty mark on the sofa (which they have only informed us of today), clearly nit picking so that they can deduct at least something from us after taking months to return our money in the first place.

  9. Poor communication. No support when there were issues with the house. Unprofessional staff. Attempted to charge for 'deformed cushions'. Look at all the 5* reviews lots have no profile pictures or are companies that work for them.

  10. Shocking service, terrible agency. Definitely recommend a competitor.