2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents

2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents

Harassing and Assaulting with South Wales Police Keeping an Eye Closed

Here at 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents we take great pride in our criminal misdemeanour as even if we harass, even if we assault, even if we commit criminal damage, even if we assault or batter you, we can always ask our friends at South Wales Police to issue a PIN (police information notice) against you for complaining to us.

Illegal Evictions and Tax Evasions with Help from Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

Here at 2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents we also have experienced General Manager in the name of MUNIR, Mohammad Wasif who wins - contrary to case law and legal statutes - cases in a very questionable manner at the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. 

Why worry about human rights and EU law if in Cardiff no one seems to respect it?

2Let2 Cardiff Letting Agents


  • "Worst letting agency I have ever had the displeasure of working with. They will try and leech as much money as possible whilst doing the absolute bare minimum in services that must be provided. Staff are unpleasant, rude and unhelpful. Would not recommend to any person."


  • "Hard to beleive how bad they were, dont expect a bond back, it took us over a year of repeatedly sending them council tax exempt certificates (third year students at the time) before they said we would get nothing, lied about damages and used our bond to pay for the house to be refurbished, which we were told was overdue when we moved in.
    One of my housemates actually got threatened with physical violence after complaining to the boss and we had to call the police for our own safety.
    Unhelpful with maintenance although no worse than some other agents i have used. Needs reminding repeatedly if you want anything done.
    Also messed up our paperwork so we had someone on the contract who had dropped out in the first month and been replaced, which added extra stress to trying to trying to reclaim the bond half of us were relying on for our summer plans.

    Avoid at all costs! you have been warned"

  •    "2let2 Cardiff.Honestly the worst company imaginable. We decided to rent a house (sorry excuse of one) for our second year at Cardiff University, what a terrible, terrible mistake. 2let2 promised us car parking, exceptional, and 24/7 assistance and genuine quality services; all of which were pure lies. There was no car parking spaces, half of the beds were broken when we moved in, the house had not been cleaned and we have faced several, several problems with the company, mainly noncompliance and frequent breaching of their own contrast. We paid £8- agency fees for terrible service, as well as a deposit of a ludacris $375 which we probably won't get back. They also failed to turn up on days in which they promised to do their inventory for the house, and have sneakily missed out on broken items, markings and etc. which I guarantee they will fine us for at the end of this year. We will however, if this is the case be involving further services, as we have evidence against the company."

  •  "As second be year students getting their first house after halls we chose 2let2 for the reviews they had from other students as they seemed helpful, no idea what's gone on since. After a finding a house we loved it took a while to get sorted, partly due to the fact that a member of the team lost one of our guarantor forms, and then the fact we had to complete them again due to the fact we had been given ones that were in the wrong format. We moved into our house to find that over the summer the garden we viewed had be reduced to less than half in size with no warning, as the landlord owns our house and the house behind they changed our garden completely (which might not be a big deal to some, but a decent sized outside space was what sold it for us), the wooden shed from the garden was also replaced over summer with a cheap plastic shed a fraction of the size (again no warning). Our house was told we would be getting inspections to ensure there were no breakages etc as the house has been newly refurbished, with these inspections came one of the members of the team who then proceeded to scream at two of our housemates while they were home because the house was a little messy. He then also took pictures (things such as a tea stain on the floor from the morning that hadn't been cleaned yet). The shower on our second floor is positioned above the kitchen and due to the sealing not being done right the shower leaks through to the fire alarm, which causes a fire hazard due to water dripping down the wires and the fire alarm to go off, which now once started doesn't turn off. The extractor fan in the kitchen is loose and makes such a noise when in use that we no longer bother, brought this up with the letting agents when we moved in in september... still no one has been around to even look at it. As well as all this the house situated behind us has been a building site which we weren't told about before signing our contracts! Which includes constant banging, our fence being moved, and the workers staring into our housemates rooms as they wake up and when getting changed from the opposing windows.
    We are definitely not going to be choosing any of our next houses with 2let2, and none of us would ever recommend this letting agents to anybody, especially students."

  • "If I could rate this business a 0* I would! This place is a sorry excuse for a letting agency! I'm not really sure where to begin, so I'll start with the fact that because 2 of our tenants were not students for the majority of the year due to personal circumstances it is the landlords responsibility to check thses things as it does not say (nor was mentioned) what to do in those circumstances. So anyway when it came to a week before moving out we were told by the agency that the 2 tenants were to pay the £1800+ council tax bill before we could have our bonds back (proof of a payment plan was excepted) however, the following week was a yoyo of phone calls to 2let2 and the council, (council were telling us that it was the landlords mistake and the landlord must pay the council tax, 2let2 were saying they were wrong and that the account must be moved into the tenants name) anyway after some toing and froing we were in the middle of talks with the council about the whole thing neing reassured that we will not be billed and then all of a suddent this £1800+ bill came to our new address (now not only did we NOT give 2let2 permission to use our details to transfer the account over, but they also had the nerve to close the account first, meaning that we had to pay the FULL amount in only 3 months!) After a few calls with the council they took pity on us and have since worked something out with them. While all of this was going on we were obviously hoping that our bonds would be coming back to soon, however 4 months since moving out and we still do not have out bonds back! This is because they were messing about with the council tax and once that was sorted they decided that they were going to try and deduct a hundreds from our bonds for things that were in our inventory list from the day that we moved in (meaning the stuff they were trying to charge us for was already messed up or damaged before we moved in) among other issues and ludicrous claims. However it seems that when it comes to them being wrong and us having proof that they are trying to take us for a ride they stop replying to emails and OF COURSE don't have a contact number to call as the bonds team is a seperate branch altogether... great! Anyway this rant is going on for far too long now, there are many other things that I could mention but those are the big ones and in my opinion shine the sort of light on 2let2 that they deserve! completely unproffesional and seem to take pleasure in ripping off young adults trying survive in an already impossible living situation. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go with this company for your own good and sanity this has been one of the worst summers of life not to mention the poorest!"

  • "I advise anyone not to go with this poor excuse for a letting agency. They assume that because you are a student you don't know how they should be running their business. They'll fail to give you 24 hours notice before letting themselves into your property for viewings or whatever else. If you want a problem sorted with your landlord they won't get in contact with them for you and you don't have the landlords details to get in contact yourself. They took months before sorting out problems we identified with the house at the beginning of our tenancy (things like the fridge/freezer not working meaning we kept losing lots of food because it was going off. Thus wasting money we don't have) and even then it was only because we hassled them 4 or 5 times. Someone working there will tell you one thing and another will tell you something else. They won't let you know when you've missed a payment then the first you hear about it will be when they contact your guarantor. Contacting the guarantor should be a last resort after making contact with the tenant. I didn't receive any emails regarding missed payment and as I had set up a direct debit I didn't know anything was wrong. As soon as my guarantor told me I had missed payment I sorted it out and paid the rent but tried to dispute that I shouldn't have to pay 2 months late payment fee's as they never informed me of the problem. However, they failed to recognise their mistake and made me pay (it's in the contract so I knew it was likely they wouldn't stop it but I didn't receive so much as an apology and only received a reply to my email disputing the fee a month after I sent it when I emailed again asking for a response). When I have informed them that their customer service was appalling and given examples of how, they responded by giving excuses to each example and making out that each example was my fault, not theirs. Finally (though there's plenty more I could discuss but think I should wrap this up) when two of our tenants left the house we were told we would be given notice if another tenant was to move in. However, when we arrived back at the house after the christmas holidays there was a new tenant living there and we hadn't been informed. Imagine walking in to find an unexpected stranger in your house. How were we to know this wasn't a burglar? It's a miracle we got our deposit back (minus £7.50 for fire alarms they failed to renew batteries for before we even moved in). We fully expected to robbed of our bond as well! What happened to the business philosophy of Customer First? Sort yourselves out!! Anyone looking for a house, no matter how nice one of theirs looks, It's not worth it for their service and I've found many others to agree.. just type in 2let2 into the search bar on twitter!"