Capital Tower (Welsh: Tŵr y brifddinas) is an elevated structure in Cardiff, Wales. Remaining at 80 meters (260 ft) to rooftop tallness, Capital Tower is somewhat taller than Stadium House, which remains at 78 meters (256 ft) to rooftop stature, however consideration of the reception apparatus gives Stadium House a zenith tallness of 120 meters (390 ft).

The establishments were based on the vestiges of a twelfth century friary, a lot of which had still remained until 1955. These were totally cleared for the pinnacle to be built, in spite of the fact that it is likely that under present day arranging laws this would not have been permitted. Finished in 1967 and giving 190,000 sq ft (18,000 m2) of floor space, it was initially known as Pearl House, after the Pearl Assurance organization.

Initially, work focus, bookshop and displays were based on the lower floors, however in 1998 they were supplanted by another arrangement of advancements including bistro bars, and the multi-story vehicle leaves were re-clad. Right now the structure got its present name, Capital Tower.


On 25 November 2002, the pinnacle was sold for £17.4 million by Aberdeen Property Investors to the Raven Group. In August 2012, DTZ verified the £12.35 million closeout of Capital Tower and Friary House to the Topland Group.

In 2018 the structure was available to be purchased at a soliciting cost from £23.4 million.